Peter witt Engaged programmer with at passion for open source and game development



Acrylec Studios
Programmer & CEO • 01/2017 - Present

I started a game company with two of my mates from school, where we made an online multiplayer game called Chase. I was the CEO of the company but mostly spent time programming on our game, with some meetings sprinkled in to make everything more exciting.

Ung i Aarhus
Teacher • 09/2018 - Present

Ung I Aarhus is a way for kids in 7th to 9th grade to do something fun after school. I teach once a week in Game design where the kids learn to program and make games in Unity.

Coding Pirates Game Dev
Coding Pirates Aarhus • 11/2018 - Present

Coding pirates is a national organization with the goal to teach kids to code and make other science projects. I am a volunteer in the Game Dev department and help kids make games in Unity, 3d print, and whatever else they want to learn, as well as plan the two yearly game jams

BA in software developmnt
EA Aarhus • 08/2018 - 01/2020

Masters of Digital Media
The CDM, Vancouver • 01/2017 - 05/2017

I had the opportunity to take a semester abroad in Vancouver during my AP degree. I studied at The Centre For Digital Media in Vancouver, Where I worked on a client project in the team Wet Reality, more info above.

AP Degree in computer science
EA Dania, Grenaa • 08/2015 - 01/2018

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